About Cito’s Rescue


Cito’s Rescue provides horses with a safe and nurturing environment to heal physically, mentally and emotionally from abandonment, neglect and abuse. We use natural horsemanship to instill, or restore, dignity and confidence. When ready for adoption, we match for the most successful partnership

Executive Director, Ruth Altman, DVM, CRPM

Cito brought her back to the
horse world and is her heart horse

Ruth Altman is a veterinarian who grew up riding horses and learning about their care. At the height of the Covid pandemic, Dr Altman’s dream of owning an Andalusian became possible, when Cito, a six year old, became available for adoption. He had been rehomed four times, was green broke, and Dr. Altman was thrilled with the opportunity to open her home as a safe haven for this beautiful animal. Cito is joined with Sarg one of the rescues, two donkeys, four dogs, two cats, a tortoise and beta fish! Along with a phenomenal trainer, Cito and Dr. Altman’s relationship has flourished under saddle. He is a magnificent horse, who learns quickly and is eager to try new things.
Dr. Altman has spent most of her adult life in Colorado and owned Animal Haven Veterinary Clinic in Fort Collins from 2004 until late 2022. She recently obtained certification in small animal rehabilitation and pain management. Selling her veterinary practice has allowed Dr. Altman to focus more time on helping horses in desperate situations, and she incorporated Cito’s Rescue as a non-profit to continue providing any and all assistance possible to these beautiful and spiritual animals.

Dr. Ruth & Cito