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About Cito’s Rescue

Cito’s Rescue began with just one horse at the precipice of being shipped to slaughter. She is now rehomed, in an environment where she can thrive and live the rest of her life in dignity and with love. Helping her at this very dark hour offered us a deep and personal fulfillment, and we now hope to continue saving horses from such a terrible path. As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, we utilize tax-deductible donations to quarantine, medically treat, rehabilitate, and rehome at-risk horses while providing a loving, safe environment to heal.

Paloma Ruby

Horses Ready for Adoption

We have several horses that are looking for their forever home and their forever family.  

Serafina, Andalusian

Serafina (updated 7/1/24) She is moving through training for riding smoothly but early in development still Due to family circumstances and no fault of her own, Serafina is back up[…]

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Annie is a senior Belgian mare.

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Ruby, Quarter Horse

Ruby 2 years (updated 4/3/24) Ruby, Quarter Horse, arrived from Bowie, Texas Kill Pen in September 2023.  She was thin, skittish and timid but now has confidence, her weight has[…]

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Penny is a 17 year old BLM mustang, and she stands at 14 hands. Great confirmation and temperament!  She is in need of a 30 day refresher course or advanced[…]

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